LIFT Recruiting Through COVID

Throughout the ongoing pandemic which has sent nearly all the world remote, LIFT Academy’s admissions team remain engaged and accessible to students, parents and our partners—and ready to guide our future students toward their dream of taking off with LIFT.

The way we connect has changed; we have found new ways to meet and engage in a pandemic world. We know in-person conversations and events can’t be replicated through online experiences, but we’re here to support prospective students throughout the application process and are available to answer any and all questions you may have.

Despite travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders, our recruiters found creative ways to meet new prospective students. Since March 2020, most of LIFT recruiting has moved digital. We have interviewed, toured, attended career fairs and conferences and even scheduled class visits virtually. The team has used tools like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Whova and others to make sure we are connecting with as many future aviators as possible.

For those of you from far away, this has been a blessing. No longer do you need to hop on a flight or drive countless hours to interview at LIFT. We have dedicated virtual meet-up times (Lunch with LIFT) so you can speak with a recruiter one-on-one. We created evening interviews and Q&A sessions (Flight Night) on our social media platforms. Our adjustments are made with you in mind, making sure we can provide guidance to you on a platform you are most comfortable using.

We’ve missed the personal interactions as much as you, but don’t let the current limitations put a damper or a pause on your flight training potential! If there are stories you want to hear, aircraft you would like to see, or questions you need answering, we are here and ready to connect with you. Our virtual presence has opened opportunities for us to showcase more of what makes flying with LIFT so great. We know these events aren’t the same, but our virtual doors are wide open.

If virtual still isn’t your thing, we reintroduced (masked and socially distanced) in-person tours and interviews late last fall. There has never been a better time to meet a LIFT recruiter and start the application to fly with LIFT. Contact us about scheduling a tour or an interview to explore your potential. Apply today!


The LIFT Recruitment Team